DRAFT – Matchmaker Case Study

A real time car tracker that turns
frustration into anticipation

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The Audi logo with 4 rings

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Project type

Digital transformation




Personalized email with tracking


1 Year. 2012


open rate


click-through rate

4 mins

Average time spent on site


of the customers clicked to listen to the sound of their engine

The challenge

Supply and demand issues resulted in some custom ordered Audis taking several months to arrive. Resulting in frustrated car owners and canceled orders.

Our approach

We leveraged the tracking device that accompanied each custom ordered Audi by using the unique data to inform new purchasers of the progress of their Audi. This required coordination with Audis multiple data sources to create a fully customized and personalized purchase journey that built anticipation and excitement with every milestone that was witnessed. We leveraged hundreds of factory video content, sketches from designers and interviews to make every interaction both educational and inspiring.

The outcome

A first of its kind in North American, the MyAudi Tracker program succeeded in maintaining engagement with new car owners while they waited for their vehicle to arrive. We build excitement, anticipation and brand love instead of frustration.

Man presenting work on a white board to his two co-workers.

We solve a lot of different

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