How do you know if you’re spending your marketing dollars on the right customers? Are you capturing enough leads? Are you using the right channels properly to maximize effectiveness?

At BIMM, we know there’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to marketing. That’s why we SoundCheck everything using a suite of data-based tools. From your customer-targeting strategy to your creative, our SoundCheck approach allows you to minimize guesswork and maximize certainty every step of the way.

Some of our soundcheck tools

Right Insight: Text-based Modelling

How do you know you have the best and most accurate insights? Social data is fluid, not static. Text-based modelling is a machine-learning, predictive-analytic process used to collect and categorize enormous sets of social media commentary that relate to our clients’ industry, products and services. Through this tool, we can take away new, different and more telling insights which lead to more effective creative.

Right Message: Hyper Insight Test

How do you know if your emails are working hard enough? We have an email message test for that, and it’s turbocharged. Our Hyper Insight Testing tool (or HIT) quickly pinpoints the most effective way to speak to customers, so you can dramatically improve your campaign results.

Right Audience: Predictive Modelling

How do you know you have the most effective marketing mix to reach your goals? We build predictive models that help our clients quickly and efficiently reach their business objectives. Each model answers a question. For example: What’s the likelihood a past customer will purchase again? To find the answer, we dig deep into your data to analyze and identify the variables that best predict the outcome you want to achieve, streamlining your marketing efforts.

Right Time: Send Time Optimization

How do you know when is the best time to send your emails? Timing is arguably the most important variable in marketing. By analyzing response behaviour, we can optimize the delivery of your email campaigns in order to send the messages at the time in which they're most likely to be engaged with.