DE&I Pledge

Diversity, equality &
inclusion pledge

It’s time for change.

BIMM is more than just a data-driven creative agency. That’s what we do, but it isn’t who we are. We are a community of people with unique lived experiences and perspectives, passions and fears, strengths and flaws.

In other words, we’re human.As a company, we realize it’s time to step up. That’s why we’ve actively prioritized diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) in everything that we do.

Inequality exists. Period.

In our world, in our country, and in our industry, inequality exists. It shapes who we are and how we think. It also frames the opportunities we’re given and challenges we face. At BIMM, we acknowledge that inequality is real, and we understand that if we don’t own up to it, it will only reinforce barriers and biases.

We haven’t done enough.

As a company, we need to go beyond doing “good enough”. We recognize that we must challenge the status quo of our industry, identify our shortcomings, and create opportunities that are truly inclusive and equal for everyone.

We need to do better—and mean it.

Many companies talk-the-talk but don’t walk-the-walk. As a result, DEI becomes nothing more than platitudes or virtue signalling. At BIMM, we get that a diverse, equal, and inclusive workplace isn’t about being perfect—it’s about making an honest commitment to continually strive for better.

How we do DEI at BIMM

Every BIMMer should be held accountable.

More importantly, leadership will be held responsible.

Our understanding of what DEI at BIMM looks will evolve over time, but it starts here, and is guided by three key pillars that all BIMMers pledge to uphold:

A culture of inclusion

Being inclusive is core to the BIMM experience. We celebrate and respect our differences by amplifying diverse voices at BIMM, and our culture is continually evolving.

We are always open to initiate tough conversations and stay informed about current matters that may affect our BIMMers. In addition:

All employees participate in mandatory DEI training.

We send out wellness and other pulse surveys to gauge what’s working and what’s not to course-correct accordingly.

We hold quarterly “Voices of BIMM” experiential events that offer everyone a platform to celebrate our diversity, share our stories, and encourage all to learn more about one another.

We continue to partner and align with a wide range of communities to create meaningful and relevant opportunities for change.

Recruiting for diversity

Throughout the hiring process (and long after) everyone at BIMM is treated with respect—regardless of race, orientation, age, gender, religion, or socioeconomic background. We’re keeping diversity top-of-mind when recruiting new BIMMers by:

Conducting interviews by diverse staff to help potential future BIMMers feel at ease.

Documenting and maintaining all feedback about candidates to keep ourselves honest and unbiased.

Asking our candidates how they’ve been treated by BIMMers throughout the process so we can keep doing better.

Carefully curating a seamless interview process based on real feedback and best practices.


We’ll always be transparent about our DEI journey. This includes allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, sharing our successes, and working through challenges. We get that DEI is a marathon—not a sprint. We hold our team to the highest standards when working through any concern. Here are more ways we keep ourselves (creatively) real:

Regularly taking a gut-check of how our BIMMers are doing and sharing that survey information.

Offering direct access to our DEI committee members to escalate any concerns in a timely manner.

During company-wide, weekly huddles, reporting our learnings along the way and keeping everyone informed.

Always offering open, non-judgemental spaces for everyone to share their thoughts.