Our work

What we've delivered to help our clients succeed

Launching campaigns

Cyberbullying influencers for positive change

By hijacking digital ad space, we inundated our victims with insults in order to raise awareness for The Canadian Safe Schools Network’s anti-bullying after school programs.

Building digital products

Relieving frustration with the world’s first auto tracker

The myAudi Tracker program kept reservation owners engaged and excited with a tailored purchase journey while they eagerly waited for their vehicle to arrive.

Improving experiences

A creaky halloween trick between treats

On the spookiest day of the year, we simultaneously gave homeowners an audible trick-or-treat enhancer and a subconscious reminder to lubricate their hinges. 

Transforming brands

Rejuvenating the brand perception of a Canadian staple

Giving one of Canada’s most iconic brands a modern look, changing them from the brand your parents shop at, to the brand your partner shops at.

Activating CRM

The credit card onboarding process, automated and streamlined

Developing a fully digital credit card application process with continuous optimization and monitoring.