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We are a team of creative realists who combine technology, data and design to build brand experiences for the consumer of today.

The letter "B," a palm with the thumb folded in, an array of "+" signs, an array of the letters "x," the letter "I," the letter "i," the letter "i" in a bracket, the "+" sign in a bracket, a man with a beard wearing a beanie and glasses, the letter "M," a fist, another "m," an WD-40 spray, and an array of nine "m" letters, all appearing in succession.
View of the Toronto skyline at dusk, the CN tower illuminated in purple and orange.

The evolution of BIMM

A set of doors in the BIMM office, decorated with notes and photos of employees.

Seeking creative realists

If you care just as much about the realities of the execution as you do the quality of the idea—we’re your people.

Four people discussing work while standing around a table in a meeting room.