We are a data-driven creative agency that strives to market with greater certainty

Clients have never been under as much pressure to deliver on their marketing dollar as they are now

BIMM was built for clients who demand results. We know how to combine data, creative and technology to provide solutions that are highly effective

Leon’s is Surprisingly Stylish.

A SFX app for creaky door awareness

The Anti-Bullying Campaign that bullies

What We Do

Brand Experiences

Whether we’re touching someone in retail, online or in the palm of their hand, we architect brand experiences that compel the consumer to take action.

Insights Solutions Lab

We design robust tests and build sophisticated tools such as media effectiveness, acquisition, loyalty and defection predictive models that allow our clients to maximize the return on their investments.

Customer Journey Mapping

Every touchpoint has a responsibility to deliver on a brand’s promise, and to do so harmoniously.


We build technology solutions, leverage cloud-based tools and build communication experiences to deliver seamless brand stories with your customers at each stage of the customer life cycle.

SOC Compliance

Project Delivery

An award-winning idea doesn’t execute itself. Our approach is customized to individual clients to ensure brilliant ideas are executed flawlessly and make the client’s life easy.


How do you know if you’re spending your marketing dollars on the right customers? Are you capturing enough leads? Are you using the right channels properly to maximize effectiveness?

At BIMM, we know there’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to marketing. That’s why we SoundCheck everything using a suite of data-based tools. From your customer-targeting strategy to your creative, our SoundCheck approach allows you to minimize guesswork and maximize certainty every step of the way.


You can find us in Toronto’s historic Distillery District.

36 Distillery Lane,
Suite 300
Toronto, ON
M5A 3C4


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