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What our team of creative realists brings to the table

Digital transformation

Any form of digital transformation, big or small, requires absolute transparency and real-time collaboration. That’s why we seat ourselves amongst our clients, becoming more capable of identifying opportunities to enhance your workflows, technology stack, and business goals at a pace that will rival your competition and an ROI that will make you shine.

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Agile product delivery

We understand the importance of getting to market quickly, and how to streamline the process while working within your organization’s ecosystem. Our teams come to your table ready to plan, execute, evaluate, and pivot. We believe in deep partnerships, tailored to our clients’ ways of working.

A tailored approach for Audi

Leaning into Audi’s motorsport heritage, ‘fast’ is the core of our working model with Audi North America. We jointly kicked off Audi RED (Rapid Experience Development), enabling us to quickly win key market ‘races’; delivering multiple, advanced digital products; and revving up UX with unprecedented speed-to-market.

While the current focus is on Audi’s North American markets, our impact is global. Our partnership expands to an international team of stakeholders and vendors, working in tandem within an Agile framework. 

In short, RED is the way our dedicated product design and development teams help create and accelerate positive customer experiences while cutting costs—consistently putting Audi laps ahead of the competition.

Pillars of transformation:
A well-tuned model for Audi RED

Product discovery

Supplying customers with more fruitful methods of discovering and exploring inventory through landing pages for model launches, in-depth categorization and searching, as well as a matchmaking algorithm, which identifies and ranks vehicle options to best fit each customers’ specific wants.

Content creation

By implementing a purposeful user experience on Audi.com and redesigning 80+ model landing pages, performance improved greatly and Audi fanatics are better equipped to learn about new models as well as the brand’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, diversity, and inclusion.

Customer support

Our stock car matching tool curates a list of models that meet the individual needs of prospects and future owners. If the user is interested in an unavailable vehicle, we quickly pair them with extremely similar alternatives. Since implementation of the tool, Audi.com has seen an increase in engagement and sales.

Experience innovation

For an immediate elevation to the Audi customer experience, more touchpoints were added to the digital journey. Within a month, customers could complete purchases online, place an e-deposit to secure a vehicle, and locate a nearby dealership for the first time.

Providing end-to-end service

  • Brand strategy
  • CX strategy
  • Customer journeys
  • Data strategy
  • CRM strategy
Data science
  • Measurement
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Testing & optimizing
  • Digital ecosystems
  • Marketing tech
  • Integrated campaigns
  • Experiential activation
  • Social media & digital
  • CRM & direct mail
  • Out-of-home
  • Experience design
  • Design systems
  • Brand & content
  • Web and app design
  • Print and production
  • Agile product delivery
  • Full-stack dev & ops
  • Quality assurance
  • CMS governance
  • Maintenance support