Bully Ads for The Canadian Safe Schools Network

Why we bullied influencers into talking about bullying

Speech bubble saying "@&!$#"
The Canadian Safe School Network logo.

By hijacking digital ad space, we inundated our victims with insults in order to raise awareness for The Canadian Safe Schools Network's anti-bullying after school programs.


Launching campaigns




Retargeted ads
Email campaign


3 months


Email open rate towering over the global average by 143%


Click-through rate 13,900% of the global average, despite having no explanation, brand or resolve

23 million

Impressions in a country of 35 million people


Unique ad concepts per victim on any given day
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The challenge

Raise awareness for The Canadian Safe Schools Network’s anti-bullying after school programs and stand out amongst a sea of similar causes.

Our approach

In many ways, digital banner ads behave like a cyberbully. The same ads relentlessly hound you everywhere you go, and it often feels like there’s no escaping.
We harnessed the overwhelming vigor of 1:1 retargeting and crafted Bully Ads to catch influencers off guard to emulate the cyberbullying experience. Once the purpose of Bully Ads was revealed, they would then share their experience and amplify our cause online.

The outcome

Our approach was both unconventional and an industry first: we took mass programmatic ad banners and efficiently put them to work on a one-to-one marketing level. We circumvented ad policies. We had no source or brand. We simply bullied our target for days with no explanation.

As a result, The Canadian Safe Schools Network received an overwhelming amount of kindness in the form of donations.

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