Revving up excitement within the purchase journey

Offering Audi customers the option to reserve
vehicles—even those in transit—with a fully refundable


Experience innovation


Buy online
Electric vehicles


Feature integration


Vehicles eligible for e-deposit at launch


Teams cross-collaborating to develop e-deposit


Moderated user flow tests conducted to support design

The challenge

During 2020-2021—a time when test-drives were unavailable—Audi needed a way to excite and engage potential purchasers while also getting them into the online purchase funnel to drive new sales.

Our approach

Based on UX research, we uncovered that the anticipation of waiting for an in-transit vehicle can be just as thrilling as waiting for a hot-ticket item (think concert tickets or game consoles). With that, we developed Audi e-deposit, which allows customers to comfortably and conveniently jumpstart their purchase journey before their vehicle arrives at the dealer. Customers receive updates on their vehicle status—which builds excitement—and sales get a boost, regardless of inventory scarcity.

Easy user access to vehicle status

Users can review their vehicle spec selections while they wait

Made to order. Delivered to drive.

The outcome

Securing a new vehicle via the Audi website has paved the way for future innovative features, which will help further elevate customers’ online shopping experience.

Enhancing user experiences

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