Find your match

Matching drivers with their dream Audi

A matchmaking search tool that pairs users with the Audi
they want—or a very close match—to further
engagement and increase sales.








6 months


Vehicles eligible for matches across Canadian dealerships


Criteria used to match configured vehicles with in-stock inventory

40 hrs

Research with customers to ensure valuable integration

The challenge

Users exploring the online Audi Build & Price tool to create their dream car were running into less exact-matches in the current inventory, often causing them to abandon their search: resulting in missed sales opportunities. In reality, many readily available, strikingly similar models were not being shared as options.

Our approach

To get more future owners into the driver’s seat, we built an entirely new Audi matchmaking tool called “Find your match”, which recommends available inventory based on any users’ selections from the Build & Price tool. Models are ordered by percentage match, accompanied by a list of any differences from their originally configured vehicle. With “Find your match”, purchase possibility increases and helping users find the perfect car—or a nearly identical one—is within reach.

It’s a match!

With “Find your match” users can find the perfect
car—or a nearly identical one—in minutes.

The outcome

“Find your match” provides an additional entry point to Audi inventory while simultaneously increasing active user engagement. The tool was built for Audi’s Canadian site, with a modified release in the US.

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