myAudi Tracker for Audi

Anticipation builds with the world’s first auto tracker

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The myAudi Tracker program kept reservation owners engaged and excited with a tailored purchase journey while they eagerly waited for their vehicle to arrive.


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12 months


Email open rate racing past the global average by 183%


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4 minutes

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Engagement rate from customers digitally listening to their engine roar
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The challenge

Supply and demand issues resulted in custom Audi vehicles taking several months to arrive. Making future car owners frustrated, ultimately leading to a spike in canceled orders.

Our approach

We leveraged the unique data from the tracking device in each Audi to inform new purchasers of their vehicle’s status. Thanks to seamless coordination with Audi’s multiple data sources, we created a fully personalized purchase journey that built anticipation as every stage in production was completed. We leveraged factory video content, sketches from designers and interviews to make every interaction worthwhile and inspiring.

The outcome

A first of its kind in North America, the myAudi Tracker program succeeded in maintaining engagement with new car owners, and minimizing order cancellations. In a time where anger was likely to grow, we instead built excitement, anticipation and brand love.

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