Mastercard Welcome Program for PC Financial

Launching a new way to bank with constant automation and optimization

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Developing a fully digital credit card application process with continuous optimization and monitoring.


Activating CRM




CRM strategy
Email & social


2 months


Open rate an increase from 53% over the last 4 years


Click-through rate a sizeable increase from 5%

20 days

From sign up to completion 50 days faster than PC’s traditional onboarding process


Jump in card activations continuously growing from 56% to 86% in YTD results

The challenge

We needed to find a method of improving customer centricity through a trigger-based journey with dynamic elements, as well as expedite the customer onboarding process for PC Financial’s Mastercard Welcome Program.

Our approach

By creating an automated system that optimized customer behavior, we leveraged the data to design a series of dynamic communication streams. We highlighted customer milestones, goal programs with key stage based messaging, cadence and triggers, as well as launched products to an interested audience.

The outcome

The email onboarding journey has seen an increase in card activations, a decrease in onboarding time, more online registration, more significant card usage, and reduced call center volume. Now, we continue to measure and optimize the journey based on performance learnings every quarter.

Service innovation: A 10% increase in application usage month-over-month inspired digital functionality before physical card delivery.

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